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Please review the Grant Guidelines before applying- 17/18 PPA Grant Guidelines

To apply for Project Stream Grant funding you will need to go to the DCED Website:

DCED Single Application Website

You will need to register for an account unless your organization has used that site before

Once you have register you will search for PCA to find the Project Stream Grant.



NOW...............................................Application are open apply at www.esa.dced.state.pa.us

June 20, 2018 ..............................Due Date to complete online application.

July-August, 2018.......................Partner Advisory panels meet to assess the applications

September 30, 2018..................17/18 PPA Applicants Final Reports Due 

You can access the Fillable PDF for the 17/18 Final report here.

September-October, 2018 .....Applicants are notified and grantees are invited to attend awards ceremonies.Grant award agreements are due before any awards will be given.

September 1, 2018 ..................Grant activity period begins.

August 31, 2019 ........................Grant activity period ends.

September 30, 2019.................Final report are due

Do not send originals or copies of your sample. All supporting materials should be uploaded to the DCED website. Every attempt will be made to return your work samples. PPA Partners cannot accept responsibility for lost or damaged work samples.

Note: This timetable is subject to change based on Commonwealth of Pennsylvania budgeting procedures and processes. 

*Please note that grant funds may not be distributed by the start of the project or funding year. Applicants should be aware of this and plan their cash flow accordingly.


Applications are submitted online to the PPA partners through www.esa.dced.state.pa.us. Work samples and supporting documentation will need to be uploaded to your application. You do not need to mail any forms to the PPA partner or the PCA.

Applications are reviewed by advisory panels who evaluate and assess each application based on the PCA criteria. The panels make recommendations for the PPA Partner’s Board’s consideration in making their funding decisions. The PPA Partners’ Boards are not obligated to make formal explanation of their awards.

PPA will notify the appropriate legislators of the funding decisions prior to notifying applicants. PPA will notify applicants by email or postal service of funding decisions.

Those receiving awards will be sent a Grant Award Agreement (GAA). Recipients must complete the Grant award agreement.

Once the PPA Partner receives the GAA, the award process begins. 

In general, the PCA does not fund the following and these expenses may not be used as a match for PCA funds.

• Capital expenditures, including equipment costing $500 or more per item

• Activities for which academic credit is given

• Activities that have already been completed

• Activities that have a religious purpose

• Performances and exhibitions not available to the general public

• Performances and exhibitions outside Pennsylvania

• Cash prizes and awards

• Benefit activities

• Hospitality expenses, i.e., receptions, parties, gallery openings

• Lobbyists’ payments

• Competitions


Please read the requirements for each applicant category to decide where your project qualifies. You can find that information on the PCA website

After you've read the guidelines you can apply through www.esa.dced.state.pa.us. If you have registered with DCED for an application in the past you must use that login information. 

For any questions regarding PCA Project Stream funding and applications please contact Liz Scacchitti, Liz@eccota.com or 814-772-7051.


ECCOTA receives state arts funding support through a grant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency

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The Elk County Council on the Arts is dedicated to promoting the cultural enrichment of the residents of Elk County by expanding the opportunity for public participation in the arts. The Council’s goal is to enhance the lives of county residents and the various local arts by offering experiences in the arts, providing educational opportunity and advice, and by supporting performers, musicians, artists, artisans and writers.

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